Effective Communication Techniques Training

With the Effective Communication training, it is aimed that the participants learn effective communication techniques, get rid of the stress of business life and daily life thanks to this training program, set goals in a healthy way, and gain the necessary motivation to achieve a successful and happy life.

This training focuses on professional communication skills that are essential for success in business life. Communication in professional life is the most important factor in developing relationships, changing human behavior and ensuring efficient coordination. Effective communication methods needed in professional life and the subtleties of the art of communication are presented in this training.

Training Content:

Verbal Communication Forms that Professionals Frequently Encounter in Business Life
Language and the Qualities of a Good Speaker
Using the Telephone in Formal and Informal Situations
Listening Skills
Some factors that prevent effective listening are listed below
Speaking Skills: Clarity, Volume, Tone, Urgency, Message Reception, Language Use
Characteristics of Nonverbal Communication (Body Language),
Body Language
Gestures and Mimics
Posture, Posture, Sitting, Feet
Hand and Arm Movements
Facial Expression and Gestures
Eyes and Eye Contact
Head Movements
Personal Distance - Proxemic
Touch - Haptics: Appropriate and Inappropriate Situations
Handshake - Handshake
Involuntary Gestures
Dress Code
Various Physical Communication Tools: Accessories, Personal Care and Makeup

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